Personal Data

Born : March 17, 1967 in Tehran, Iran.

Photo: My Daughter,  My Son (2004),(2007),  My Family.

                                             China (1995).  My Office (Ghazvin, IRAN).

                                             Korea-UNESCO Annual Training (2001).

                                             Korea (2001),   Malaysia (2001).

                                             4th Seminar on Fuzzy Sets, Mazandaran, Iran (2003).

                                             Turkey - Side (2004).

Prof. E. Babolian and Me  1:(6 Sep. 2005),  2:(30 Nov. 2012 in Mashad).

My Graduated Ph.D. Students (Dr. M.A. Fariborzi Araghi, Dr. T. Allahviranloo and

Me and Dr. B. Asady, Dr. M. Amirfakhrian (From left to right) 6 Sept. 2005).

China – 2006 – (Shanghai Jiao Tong University : Pic. 1 ,  Pic. 2 ), Shanghai Tower, Great Wall.

My Graduated Ph.D. Students (Dr. Reza Ezzati, Me and Dr. Majid Alavi (From left to right) 11 Sept. 2006).

 My Graduated Ph.D. Students (Me, Dr. T. Allahviranloo, Dr. M. Otadi and his wife, 4 April 2006).

China – 2006 – (Pic.1: Me and Prof. S.J. Liao), (Pic.2: Me and Prof. Wan).

Pakistan- 2007 (Pic.1: Dr. I. Hashim, Me, Dr. S. Asghar, Dr. C. Fetecau).

Research Week - 2008 (?, Dr. Hosseinzadeh, me, Dr. D.D. Ganji).

Pakistan - 2008 (Pic.1:  Dr. M. Khan, Dr. C. Jun, Prof. T. Hayat, Me and my son);

                          (Pic.2: Dr. M. Hussain, Dr. R. Ellahi, Me, Dr. M. Pakdemirli);

                          (Pic.3: Dr. M. Pakdemirli, Dr. F.M. Mahomed and me).

Malaysia - 2009 - (Pic.1: About my talk) - (Pic.2: Me and Prof. M.S.M. Noorani);

                              (Pic.3:  Dr. A.K. Alomari, Prof. I. Hashim, Me and Dr. A. Sami Bataineh).

Portugal (2009).  Lebanon (2009). Azerbaijan (2010).

Germany (2010). France 2010 (Pic.1, Pic.2).

Germany - 2010 (Pic.1: Dr. Allahviranloo, Dr. Przemyslaw Grzegorzewski, Me);

                           (Pic.2: Dr. Luciano Stefanini, Me, Dr. Allahviranloo).

Malaysia (2010) (Pic.1: Dr. Alavi and Me); (Pic.2: Me and Dr. Gheisari); (Pic.3: KLCC).

Macau (2011).  Singapore (2011).

Hong Kong (2011) (Pic.1: Prof. Leevan Ling and Me); (Pic.2: Disney Land).

Malaysia (2011) (Pic.1: Prof. Adam Kilicman and Me);

                            (Pic.2: Prof. I. Hashim, Me and Prof. M.S.M. Noorani).

Pakistan (2011) (From left: Prof. T. Hayat, Prof. G. Ünal, Me, Prof. S. Asghar).

Tehran (2012) (From left: Prof. A. Chamkha, Prof. T. Allahviranloo and Me).

India (2012) (Pic.1: Mahatma Gandhi Mausoleum); (Pic.2: Taj Mahal).

Mecca (2013) (Pic.1: Mecca Document); (Pic.2: From left- Dr. R. Ellahi, Prof. T. Hayat and Me); (Pic.3: Kaaba).

Malaysia (2014) (Pic.1, Pic.2).

Pakistan (2015) Pic.1 (From left: R. Ellahi, me, Prof. Dr. Masoom Yasinzai).

                          Pic.2 (From left: Prof. Dr. Masoom Yasinzai, me, Prof. Dr. A.Y. Al-Draiweesh).

                          Pic.3 (From left: me, Prof. Dr. Javed Ashraf, S. Alpay, T. Hayat, Z. Li).

                          Pic.4 (From left: Z. Li, me, Prof. Dr. S. Asghar, T. Haroon, A. Hossain).

                          Pic.5 (From left: Prof. Dr. Q. Jan, M. Mustafa and me).

Armenia (2015) (Pic.1, Pic.2, Pic.3, Pic.4), Georgia (2016) (Pic.1)

Oman (2016) (Pic.1: Me, Prof. M. Alrefaei, Prof. Ravi P. Agarwal), Pic2. , Pic. 3 (Sultan Qaboos University).

Pakistan (2018) Pic.1  (X. Wang, M. Turkyilmazoglu, Me, S. Momani, T. Hayat), Pic.2 ,  Pic.3  (My friends).

Poland (2018) Pic.1,  and  Pic.2 and  Pic.3 (Me and Prof. Przemyslaw Grzegorzewski).

Turkey (2019) Pic.1 (Dr. M.S. Hashemi, Dr. M. Karabacak and Me), Pic. 2 (WOPAM 2019).