PhD Students Graduated

1- M.A. Fariborzi Araghi (The Methods of Valid Implementation of the Numerical Algorithms).

2- T. AllahViranloo (Numerical Solution of Fuzzy Differential Equations).

3- B. Asady (Ranking of fuzzy numbers).

4- M. Alavi (Numerical Solution of Fuzzy  Differential Equations and Numerical Method For Integration of Fuzzy Integrals).

5- A. Jafarian (Iterative Methods For Fuzzy Linear Systems).

6- M. Amirfakhrian (Universal Approximation Of Fuzzy Functions).

7- R. Ezzati (Numerical Solution Of Fuzzy Systems).

8- M. Otadi (Iterative Methods For Fuzzy Linear Systems).

9- M. Mosleh (General dual fuzzy linear systems).

10- N. Ahmady (Methods for solving first order fuzzy differential equations).

11- E. Ahmady (Methods for solving Nth-order fuzzy differential equations).

12- T. Hajjari (A New Approach for Ranking of Fuzzy Numbers by Levels).

13- H. Rouhparvar (Approximate Analytical Solution of Fuzzy Partial Differential Equations).

14- M. Shafiee (Numerical Solution Of Fuzzy Integral Equations).

15- S.R. Saneifard (On The Fuzzy Distances and Their Applications In Ranking of Fuzzy Numbers).

16- A. Shirzadi (Meshless methods for solving elliptic and parabolic partial differential equations with boundary conditions).

17- E. Shivanian (Numerical Methods to Predict Multiplicity of Solutions of Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems).

18- S. Moloudzadeh (Numerical solution of fully fuzzy linear system of equations).

19- P. Darabi (A numerical solution of n-order linear fuzzy differential equations with constant coefficients using  ordinary or generalized fuzzy derivatives).

20- M. Paripour (Homotopy analysis method for solving fuzzy and crisp nonlinear differential equations).

21- M. Ashtiani Araghi (Homotopy analysis method in solving nonlinear partial differential equations).

22- S. Salahshour (Numerical and analytical solutions of fuzzy differential equations of fractional and natural order).

23- M. Jalili (A study on the convergence-control parameter of homotopy analysis method and application in solving nonlinear problems).

24- M.S. Hashemi (Analytical and numerical solutions of differential equations by Lie symmetry groups and Lie group shooting method).

25- F. Abbasi (A new insight to fuzzy mathematics based on new definition of fuzzy arithmetic operator).

26- M. Abolhasani Abarghooei (Solution of nonlinear differential equations with semi analytical methods with emphasis on large problems domain).

27- A. Armand (Numerical and analytical methods for solving uncertain fractional differential equations).

28- B. Azarnavid (Numerical methods based on reproducing kernels and their applications to differential equations).

29- F. Babakordi (Solving fully fuzzy matrix and vector dual system of equations with optimization problem).

30- M. R. Balooch Shahryari (Analytical and numerical solution of fuzzy differential equations with natural and fractional order).

31- M. Ghanbari (Interval and Fuzzy Inclusion Linear Systems).

32- E. Haghi (Novel methods to obtain the solutions of interval and fuzzy linear systems).

33- S. Gh. Hosseini (Combining spectral and iterative methods for solving nonlinear ordinary differential equations).

34- S.M. Hosseini Harat (On the homotopy analysis and spectral methods for solving strongly nonlinear differential equations on the large domain).

35- A. A. Hosseinzadeh (The Solving Fuzzy Linear Systems by using Interval Linear Systems and Their Applications).

36- S. Farzaneh Javan (An efficient algorithm in numerical solution of the Nonlinear Integral equations by using reproducing kernel Hilbert functions).

37- R. Nuraei (On the solutions of system of fuzzy linear equations and its applications).

38- H. Roohani Ghehsareh (A meshless method based on the radial basis functions for solving time dependent problems).

39- H. Vosoughi (On the interpolation of fuzzy data and switching points).

40- Z. Gouyandeh (Numerical and Analytical Methods for Solving Ordinary and Partial Differential Equation with Uncertainly).

41- A. Baseri (Solution of fractional partial differential equations using orthogonal basis).

42- M. Hajiketabi (Numerical methods based on group preserving schemes for solving differential equations).

43- H. Nojavan (The use of radial basis functions by focus on variable shape parameter for solving partial differential equations).

44- P. Bakhtiari (Application of a Novel Numerical Method for Solving Partial Differential Equations Based on Reproducing Kernel Space).

45- M. Emamjome (Pseudospectral Methods Based on The Radial Basis Functions for Approximate Solution of Differential Equations).

46- M. Entezari (Numerical solution of fractional functional equations using orthogonal basis).

47- H. Sahihi (Reproducing kernel method (RKM) and homotopy analysis method (HAM) and their application for solving singularly perturbed problems and singularly perturbed differential-difference problems).

48- M. Aslefallah (Meshless methods based on fundamental solutions and their applications to differential equations).

49- Jalal Hajishafieiha (Study of polynomials equipped with a parameter for the numerical solution of differential equations).

50- A. Karami (Application of moving least squares (MLS) approximation in solving free boundary problems).

51- M. Ghaffari (Obtain analytical and numerical solutions of fuzzy partial differential equations of integer and fractional order).

52- R. Mohammad Hosseiny (Reproducing kernel method (RKM) for solving differential equations with nonlocal conditions or mixed conditions and differential equations with multiple solutions).